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I’m not really one for fancy and frou-frou and I imagine this will be reflected in my child’s room. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love looking at fantastical and frilly finds for baby, and wow have I found some! From one company alone I came across a whole host of amazing ideas for your baby to sleep in! And if you do like elaborate designs be warned that the following ornate cots and cradles aren’t the most affordable of items. I’ve also thrown in images of a few simpler shapes just to show you how much variety there is in the world of baby’s sleeping arrangements. I really had no idea…


  1. Carousel Cot; £2999
  2. Orpheus Round Cot; £2870
  3. Olivia Iron Cot; £1799
  4. Pasha Cotbed; £1399
  5. Beige Bianca; £249.99
  6. Nestor Sleigh Cotbed; £2900
  7. Iron Canopy Cot; £3499
  8. Scandinavian Bassinet; £349.99
  9. Secret Garden Cradle; £1699
  10. Le Petit Voyage Cradle; £1199
  11. Oxford Cradle; £499
  12. Golden Swan Cradle; £5000

For totally practical reasons my favourite is number 6. How clever that the cot becomes a bed and then a sofa! Totally justifies the price that one.

All of these and more(!) can be found at the fantastic Adorable Tots.

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