Choosing chalkboards

Chalkboards are a childhood classic and much more environmentally friendly than wasting a load of paper. Plus it’s pretty cheap, all you need is a pot of paint. But where to put that paint? The easiest option is on the wall but here’s a few more ideas that will allow your child’s creativity to flow without painting an entire wall black…

Just the door

Partly because it’s a good idea but also because I wanted to share these adorable pictures, a door is a great place to put the paint. Parents will need to remember to knock before opening the door in future though! Just in case their child is behind it creating a masterpiece!


Image source: Green is the new black

Chalky landscape

I love this piece of furniture designed by Dominic Lutz available here. It’s particularly clever as you can use it in different orientations for different purposes. But of course, where this post is concerned, I’m liking the side with the chalkboard train set! This could easily be a DIY project with a few pieces of wood, hammer, nails and the all important paint. You could then place your child’s train set on it and they get to decide the train’s surroundings; is it a city train hurtling past office blocks or a country train trundling through fields…


Image source: Magazin

Designing dolls

I bought these dolls from Muji for a friend at Christmas; I love that you can draw dolls time and time again with these. Although I can no longer find them on Muji’s website these could easily be recreated. Just buy a blank wooden Russian doll set and cover it in chalkboard paint! So simple!


Image sources: Modernests, The Independent & Daddy types

Insanely cool car!

This is the ultimate in chalkboards! How much would kids love to draw all over your car?! I’m betting a lot! Chances are their artwork wouldn’t last too long due to the rain we have a lot over here but it just gives them more reason to create all over again once the car’s dry :)


Image credit: John Cachero via Chalkydoodles blog

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