Wonderful wallpaper

When you have a baby it’s highly likely that you’ll have photos of them you’ll want to put on display. Most will opt for a photo frame perhaps stood up on a side table or nailed to a wall. Which is all very fine and lovely but it’s just rather normal and I’m not really one for writing about normal. So check this out!


Fab portrait photographer Lyanne Wylde sent me these images from her very own house and I absolutely adore the idea!


This amazing wallpaper is by Taylor & Wood and can be bought here. Lyanne just blu-tacks her photos in the frames so they can be moved around and changed and the children can play with them too!


If you think this is too daring a feature for a room in your house then it’s just perfect for a hallway as hallways are generally rather boring places; this would certainly liven it up!

 Heart Debs

Photographer Details:
Lyanne Wylde website
Lyanne Wylde blog
Contact Lyanne
Phone: 07970 750 722

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3 Responses to “Wonderful wallpaper”

  1. What a fantastic idea! I love it. Right, I’m off to find a wall in the house that it would work on!

  2. Antonina says:

    Oh wow. Shopping frenzy!

  3. debbie says:

    When I have a house and a child this is an idea I definitely want to copy :D

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