Soft Snow White and the squishy dwarves

Ana is a graphic designer with a passion for illustration and crafts. She loves to draw and turn her scribbles into soft items for babies everywhere! Her website Pink Nounou sells her modern creations along with her Etsy shop. Ana’s illustrations look just lovely when transferred onto fabric and her interpretation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is adorable. I want it for that polka dot apple alone!

Snow White Seven Dwarves

Um, dois, três

Ana has also produced a soft numbers book that depending on which side you start from features cute illsutartions alongside numbers in both English and Portugese. Just flip the book to learn another language; adorable and educational!

Soft number book

Bibs for baby

And how cute are these bibs?!

Baby bibs

I like those that come complete with a story so you can read to your child whilst feeding them! Genius!

 Heart Debs

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