I’m a big fan of handmade and supporting smaller businesses. So the Leeds-based business Scamp is something I definitely want to promote. Set up by sisters Stacey and Jennifer with four kids between them, Scamp came about as they struggled to find unusual and affordable items for their children’s bedrooms. The sisters started making hand-stitched wall art that not only did their children love but their friends loved too and so, after a lot of planning and research, the business was born!


Scamp has since evolved to include cushions, bunting, mobiles, cards, blankets, bibs & bags! All of it loveingly handmade and all of it super-cute!


So why not buy one of these lovely little gifts for your own little scamp? :)

 Heart Debs

Vendor Details:
Scamp website
Scamp blog
Contact Scamp
Phone: 020 7482 0241

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2 Responses to “Scamp”

  1. Rebecca Simpson says:

    Looking at these makes me wish I had the time and money to go into chidren’s crafting full time – they’re beautiful and think they would make great giftsx

  2. debbie says:

    You should try! You’d be so good at it! x

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