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Pastel pink and baby blue are, of course, lovely choices for your baby’s room. But I do love to see something that’s different from the norm, that uses colours you’d never normally associate with a little baby and that has so much meaning in the design. This nursery is one of them rooms!


Vivi Charles is the lucky owner of this stupidly gorgeous nursery and her mummy Joni is a designer (it figures!) who, along with creating this stunning room, also creates wedding signage and stationey under the name Chocolate Butterbean. She’s also just started her own blog Lay Baby Lay to document her new life as a mum and beautiful baby-related finds.

Pictures & words

My favourite part of the nursery, and one of Joni’s too, is the arrangement of photographs amongst heartfelt quotations. As Joni explains on her blog:

I used it as a family tree of sorts – Chip’s family is on the right, mine is on the left. I tell Vivi about each family member – some of which are no longer with us, so she knows about her heritage and those who love her most. The verse in the middle is special (Proverbs 4:23), because her name means “Life”, and the quote to the right of it is from my favorite Fruit Bats song (“When you love someone, it’s hard to think about anything but to breathe.”)

The quote on the bottom left says “Just soak it all in”, which is a piece of advice given to me by my grandmother during a God-given conversation I had with her during some of her last lucid moments. She told me to “just soak it all in, because it goes by way too quickly.” I have repeated those words to myself over and over since then – when I got married, when I launched out on my own to start a business, and with the birth of Vivi, not to mention a thousand other seemingly small yet precious moments. It serves as a reminder to myself as I change stinky diapers and console cries that this truly is only a very brief season, and I know even at my weariest moments that it is one I will look back on with extreme fondness many years from now. I try to treasure up each sweet cuddle in my heart!

The cutest owner

I’m a big fan of the bold rug too and it appears little Vivi feels the same way. Awww…


Adorable! Thanks to Joni & Vivi for letting us have a look around this really lovely room!

 Heart Debs

Joni’s Details:
Chocolate Butterbean website
Lay Baby Lay blog

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