Real rooms : Paige : Born 28-04-09

Paige’s mum Megan writes her own blog, Me and Wee where you can read all about Paige’s adventures. Here, I am sharing her beautiful nursery. Over to Megan…

When planning the room I knew I wanted it to feel cheerful, happy, and not too girly. I decided on the Robin’s Egg blue sort of color for the wall and the rest went from there. If I were to have a boy, I would have used a rust orange as the accent color. Once I found out it she was going to be a girl, I chose yellow as an accent. The crib was gifted to us by my in-laws and it set the modern design feel for the room and everything fell into place.

We are happy with how it came out; it’s cheerful and warm with lots to look at without being too cluttered. It’s worked out great so far. And, maybe best of all, it will grow with her as we didn’t chose anything that was too babyish for the space. Saves money in the long run! :)

Real rooms - Paige

Definitely a cheerful room, made even more cheerful with the awesome ‘Hooray’ banner bought from Nice.

Those embroidery hoops seem to pop up a lot in nurseries I’ve been looking at and I think they are amazing! You can buy a variety of sizes at Hobbycraft or from many online needlecraft stores and then simply stretch fabrics of your choice over them. Artwork for only a few pounds! You could get more creative and add stitched designs or buttons to them or feature a mixture of fabrics and embroidery. They make such a fantastic feature!

 Heart Debs

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3 Responses to “Real rooms : Paige : Born 28-04-09”

  1. Rebecca Simpson says:

    Wow! That’s some room!! Think I may use the embroidery circle fabric hanging idea for my daughter Amelie’s room, she’d love it. Great bedroom!

  2. debbie says:

    The embroidery circle fabric art is one of my very favourite things. Endless ideas could come from these simple hoops :)

  3. Jules says:

    Where did you get the elephant basket? I want one!

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