Real Rooms : Lucia : Born 03-10-10

The beautiful room I’m sharing today belongs to Lucia. Lucia’s mum writes a fantastic blog, Silly Eagle Books, sharing reviews of children’s books and writing about other activities her and her daughters Juliet & Lucia get up to. Vanessa’s love of books is apparent in how she decorated the nursery for lil Lucia, born last October. Here’s how the room came together…

I wanted a room that was feminine with some modern touches. I really like the orange, gray, and pink color combination and used that as a starting point. I was inspired to create the wall art by the children’s book The Ice Cream Cone Coot and other Rare Birds by Arnold Lobel. After finding the owl boppy cover, I looked for other owl objects that I could incorporate; the wall hanging made of nails and wire that I found at Goodwill was an especially fun find…


This room has so many adorable touches but my absolute favourite has to be the reading corner with books on the wall, cushions to sit on and it’s own mini-mirror! If you want to read more about how this room came to be then please head on over to this fantastic post.

Thanks to Vanessa & Lucia for letting me share this room. I hope you enjoy reading many a good book in that comfy chair :)

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  1. thanks for featuring our nursery! ;)

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