Playing house (or barn!)

Children just seem to love playing house! And so a popular gift for many children will be a Wendy House. This iconic childhood toy can be found in hundreds of stores and in hundreds of different variations. You could go for the straightforward and adorable scaled down wooden house. But, if you’re after something a little different then you may well like my little round-up…


  1. Role Play House; £1595
  2. Cardboard Playhouse Igloo; £50
  3. Pirate Galleon; £499.95
  4. Giant Cardboard Rocket £30.95
  5. Cowboy Print Wigwam; £70.46
  6. Honeypot Dutch Barn; £359.95
  7. Patchwork Table Tent; £59.99
  8. Pavillion Childrens Play House; £275
  9. Paint Your Own Princess Palace; £99
  10. Villa Julia by Magis £149
  11. Dreaming Spires Willow House; £2000

After all, why play house when you can play café owner, king of the castle or even an Eskimo!

 Heart Debs

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3 Responses to “Playing house (or barn!)”

  1. Eddie says:

    These are great – love the Patchwork Table Tent – what a great idea! I’m sold! And if only I could afford the Willow House – the girls would love it!

  2. debbie says:

    The Patchwork Table Tent’s a great idea! And yes the Willow House is rather pricey! It’s great for fitting into it’s surroundings though :)

  3. Zoe says:

    ooooooooohhhhhhhhh – I want them ALL!! Think my kids would love them too! :)

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