Boxing Day

I’m back! And with it I’m bringing you some photos of my Boxing Day spent at my grandparents’ house, featuring some very cute kids I know: my cousins Jack & Milly…


I love that Milly teamed her pretty princess dress with those not quite as pretty pink trainers! And how cute is Jack, dressed as Santa, dribbling away?!

Grandma always puts on a huge buffet which, despite there always being at least 40% left over, never gets any smaller the year after…


I bought a ‘Gingerbread Express’ kit thinking it would be a fun activity for us to do on Boxing Day. Actually, it was rubbish, none of the pieces were the right size and it was impossible to stick together. So, after building the engine and it collapsing, we gave up and made whatever we wanted. Which was actually more creative and still fun :)


Then it was on to a game of Rapidough and Trivial Pursuit. And taking more photos of Jack & Milly…


So there’s a summary of my Boxing Day! And if you are at all intrigued to see what I got up to on Christmas Day, head on over to my wedding blog Belle Amour where there’s a post on that right now!

I hope everybody had a lovely and relaxing festive holiday and I’ll see you back here tomorrow with some baby-related blogging!

 Heart Debs

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