Adorable embroidery

I’ve previously said that I love an embroidery hoop as a wall feature. Even something as simple as stretching fabric over these looks like a miniature piece of artwork. When I came across the following embroidery hoops I had to feature them! Made by Katrien, a Belgian girl living in Italy, these pieces are so adorable they’d look good upon any nursery wall…


Pretty pouches

And for slightly older children (or yourself) these pouches would be perfect for holding the bucket loads of pens and felt-tips you have to buy at the beginning of each school year (that was the best bit of school for me!)


How cute is that last pouch?! I will refrain from buying though, through fear that I may purposefully injure myself just so I had an excuse to get it out of the bathroom cabinet to tend to my wounds ;)

 Heart Debs

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Pilli Pilli Etsy shop
Pilli Pilli blog
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8 Responses to “Adorable embroidery”

  1. pilli pilli says:

    Oh my!!!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful feature!
    I discovered it by chance after someone contacted me to buy one of the items you showed, but which was out of stock in the shop, and told me about your blogpost!

    Thank you EVER so much! This is amazing!!!

    & have a wonderful day!

  2. debbie says:

    Awww! That makes me so happy that you made a sale because of the post! I really love your work and am really happy you love the post! Thanks for letting me know by leaving such a lovely comment :)

    Best wishes,

    Debs x

  3. rebecca simpson-hargreaves says:

    I love these, they’re so beautiful!

  4. Annie says:

    I Love the embroidery hoops on the post of your daughter’s room. Did you do those yourself, or did you buy those from a shop?
    I’m working on my little one’s BIG girl room, and the red aqua bird cage is perfect!
    Thanks so much..

  5. Debs says:


    Thanks so much for your comment!

    Are you referring to an embroidery hoop in this post?

    If so, please contact Pilli Pilli via Etsy ( as she makes these hoops :)

    Thanks, and best of luck decorating your daughter’s room!

    Debs :)

  6. Hana Elisabeth says:

    All of them are cute! I’m wondering whether you can give me the net (or template? I’m foreigner) for the last pouch. I’d like to make the same shape of pouch but I never seem to make it succeed. Thank you :)

  7. Debs says:

    Perhaps something like this: would give you a similar result :)

    Thanks for reading the blog!


    Gracias por sus delicados modelos espero poder realizarlos tan prolijos y bellos como los hizo usted .
    Dios bendiga sus manos…

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