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If you’re a fan of retro patterns and want to incorporate them into your child’s room, then buying from INKE is a fantastic way to do it. Because their retro patterns come in the shape of animals! They have a number of designs that you can easily choose from on their website. I must say I love it when a website is easy to use! It’s so simple; just select your category, pick your shape, whether you want it facing left or right and then browse the patterns. When you select a pattern it will give you an idea of what it will look like when cut out in your selected shape!


Pretty, pretty patterns

And the patterns are awesome! I love retro prints; I think 0022 has to be my absolute favourite…


Assorted animals

It’s fun to have a play around seeing which patterns work best with which animals. As well as single animals you can order a stack of donkey, dog, cat and rooster as found in the Brothers Grimm tale Town Musicians of Bremen. There are trees that come in many different colour ways and items of furniture too…


For the wallpaper birds the birdhouse lamp is a must!


Sent as a set

All the wallpaper silhouettes are created by designer Inke Heiland and are hand cut from authentic wallpaper. They are packaged as a complete DIY set; with a brush and ecological wallpaper paste. Just look at how amazing they are on the wall!


Awesome images courtesy of INKE

I love that despite buying a pre-determined silhouette you still get to have creative input by selecting the pattern of the piece; as well as decide on how many you want and where to position them in your little one’s room. Anybody for a flowery crocodile? :D

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