Real Rooms : Maeve Rosalind : Born 22-10-10

Today’s ‘real room’ is little Maeve’s that her mother Michele kindly let me share with you. Michele is an artist and shares her work and personal life on her blog.

Mummy to gorgeous girl Evelyn, here’s what Michele had to say about creating a nursery for her newest daughter…

The nursery evolved a great deal from my original concept. I first had a green based color scheme and ended up scrapping it when elements I loved just didn’t mesh with the color. I had found bright and colorful prints on Etsy and other places that were too overpowering with the green color scheme, and the final straw came when I crocheted a rainbow-like baby blanket that I fell in love with and that needed a quiet backdrop. I settled on a dark gray for the walls and picked fabric out for the crib bedding to match, allowing the bright colors in the prints and accessories to take center stage.

Real rooms - Maeve

I love the bright pops of colour against the rich grey walls! The three fun, and fitting, posters above the cot can be found at Sycamore Street Press and the gorgeous colourful ‘Awopbopaloobopawopbamboom!’ poster can be bought from Keep Calm Gallery. You can order your own alphabet decal from Blik and chalkboard paint can be bought from a DIY store for creating your own awesome draw-on-the-walls feature!

Sadly the mobile was made by Michele herself so you won’t be able to have these brilliant balls of colour hanging above your baby’s cot. Unless, of course, you know how to crochet!

 Heart Debs

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4 Responses to “Real Rooms : Maeve Rosalind : Born 22-10-10”

  1. I adore this room so much! It’s so unique and completely different from the pale pink girls’ rooms you see so many of.

  2. Antonina says:

    Right. I need a new, bigger house to create a beautiful nursery. NOW.

  3. debbie says:

    :D Well when you do send me photos ;) xx

  4. Just wanted to let all know, I’ve opened a little etsy shop where you can find versions of the mobile and baby blanket I made for my daughter Maeve!

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