Interior installations

Chicago-based Jen Talbot is an installation artist that has turned her attention to interiors. Those living nearer can hire Jen to come up with custom decor for their children’s bedrooms. The rest of us can just be inspired!

Avian art

For Eva’s nursery Jen created a beautiful bird made up of many smaller birds…


Orange pom poms

I love the ultra-modern mobile and bolster cushion Jen made from felted pom poms; adding a splash of colour to the cream and browns of this nursery…


Floral locker

The owner of the vintage locker below feared it didn’t fit with the rest of the decor so Jen was brought in to make it work. She treated it as a piece of forgotten lawn furniture overgrown with flowers and vines, some trailing onto the wall next to the locker. The tree poking through the wall hints at what is in the playroom that I’m showing you next…


Woodland play

How could kids fail to love this room! It has a swing in it! Along with a lemonade stand, a racoon stool and woodland critters everywhere…


Felted earth

Jen not only makes pretty installations; she can make educational installations too! All the animals, landmarks and symbols of culture featured on this felt globe are backed with Velcro meaning they are moveable for the child to learn their correct place in culture. The lil suitcase holds any pieces not already stuck to the globe.


Pink paradise

Working with an interior designer, Jen created a room a little girl would love. The hanging birdhouse, the grass floor cushion with tiny toodstool peeping out, the 3D branch of birds and the door in the tree are all just so amazing!


So even if you can’t hire Jen for yourself perhaps these gorgeous images have given you some ideas for interior installations of your own!

 Heart Debs

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Phone: 773-919-4621

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2 Responses to “Interior installations”

  1. Antonina says:

    Awwww…! I wish I had space in my house for wonderful things like that! Thanks for sharing Debs!

  2. debbie says:

    :D Thanks for the comment! Glad you liked! I want huge felt trees in my house too! :D

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