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Today’s post is about an awesome book. I don’t say that because it’s awesome, which it is by the way, but because it actually is called An Awesome Book. The author of this book is the totally inspirational (I think so anyway) Dallas Clayton. And the awesome book is all about dreams; to dream them BIG. It has such a lovely message and is so fantastically written and illustrated that it actually brought tears to my eyes! I’m sure that won’t happen to most of you, I’m a big soppy but I’m pretty sure most of you will LOVE this book. Here’s a few pages from it just because a post needs pictures!


The fantastic thing is that you can read the entire book here! This book is so good that after reading it, and despite having it on the internet whenever you want to read it again, you still want to buy it for your child. Because it’s just not the same curling up with them and your laptop to read them a bedtime story; you need the book!

And if you liked that one you’ll probably also like An Awesome Book of Thanks, that can be read in full here


Another great message. For all of us, not just children :)

As well as the awesome books, there are these awesome posters which are bright and simply brilliant!


And Dallas has put his creations on a couple of adorable tees…


For the adults there are tote bags with inspirational phrases on them:


All of which can be found in the online store. If you like Dallas’s work then you have to check out his blog too. Dallas has a wonderful way with words, often posting just a short paragraph which is brilliantly observational and can really get you thinking. Just a small taster from one of the best blogs I’ve ever discovered:

Inspirational blog

Head over there, explore and why not buy an awesome book?! It would make an awesome present!

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