A toddle in the park

The star of today’s shoot is handsome little Nathaniel. He, and his parents, went for a wander around Hampstead Heath and Antonina Mamzenko was on hand to catch some precious shots. I absolutely adore the black and white shot of Nathaniel peering over dad’s shouder, the image of him being sandwiched in between his parents’ kisses and the gorgeous image at the end; the clouds appear to be perfectly arranged for a striking image!


His orange T-shirt is very appropriate attire under the circumstances too :)

Show off the shoot

Antonina has also included a couple of shots of the photobooks you can create that sit on an easel. I love this idea; when you’ve spent money on a shoot it’s nice for the images to be out on show, rather than hidden away on a shelf. And if you fancy a change you only have to turn the page!


Awesome images courtesy of Antonina Mamzenko

Big thanks to Antonina for sharing this gorgeous shoot on the blog.

 Heart Debs

Photographer Details:
Antonina Mamzenko website
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