I like nice design when it comes to, well, everything. But for this blog I’m liking nicely designed toys. The following transport-based toys are so chic and stylish they would make a cool present for the man in your life let alone your children!

Playforever is a London-based toy manufacturer headed by designer Julian Meagher. Julian studied industrial design in Johannesburg, South Africa but came to London in 1996 when he wanted to pursue a career in product design. After fattening up his portfolio working for some impressive clients Julian now has his own line of impressive toys.


The first Playforever toy was launched in 2005 and it’s sleek design was a perfect fit for Habitat who placed a large order. Julian has since gone on to develop a further two designs for the Playforever range; now consisting of the roadster, motorbike and plane…







Those that believe these to be boys toys would be wrong. Many girls would be just as happy playing with these and if they needed any persuading than the hot pink plane should do it!


Awesome images courtesy of Playforever

Would quite like one of them myself!


I should add that that the Playforever title is there for a reason. The toys have been engineered to last and are tested to meet specific performance and endurance requirements. The toys are virtually indestructible and therefore could quite likely be played with forever!

For details on stockists of these trendy toys just head on over to the website.

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Phone: 02085 330043

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