Jeremiah’s kite party

I’m hoping to share lots of inspiration for parties on this blog. I’ll be making inspiration boards for different themes but it’s always nice to see real life parties. So if you have photos of your child’s party, or you’re a professional photographer that has been asked to capture a little one’s birthday, please do send them to me here.

Clouds & kites

Tracey Lau is an, Australian-based, event co-ordinator who creates stunning sweet tables. I saw the sweet table I’m about to feature when it went on Tracey’s gorgeous blog back in June. It has stuck in my memory ever since and when I decided to launch my baby blog I had to email Tracey to ask if I could share. Created for, Tracey’s son, Jeremiah’s first birthday you’ll see why I found this sweet table to be so unforgettable…


Although Tracey will have made some of the elements herself, a lot of these treats could be bought from a supermarket: popcorn, doughnuts, marshmallows. Sweets such as M&M’s and Smarties can be used in glass jars, although for maximum impact it’d be best to pick out the right colours to complement your table. You’ll be rewarded for your effort with all the remaining colourful chocolate that didn’t make the grade though ;)

Flying high

The theme of kites is a particularly lovely one and it didn’t just stop at the sweet table. After the children had filled up on sugar they exerted all that extra energy by getting outdoors, painting kites and flying them!


Finally, here’s lovely little Jeremiah enjoying his birthday:


Awesome images courtesy of Tracey Lau

 Heart Debs

Photographer Details:
Tracey Lau blog
Contact Tracey via her blog

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2 Responses to “Jeremiah’s kite party”

  1. Stylish & stunning kite theme, so many fun details, what a fab first birthday! Good job Tracey and thanks for sharing Bellebebes.

  2. debbie says:

    Very welcome Nicola :) I hope to share loads more amazing parties in time :)

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