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Illustration like I’m showing you today can’t help but make me happy. Though with a name like Happy Doodle Land it was bound to be adorable and smiley-state-inducing. Kansas-based Flora is a full time doodler: designing for Hallmark during the day and coming up with cute creations in her spare time.

Colourful & cute prints

Flora has designed a range of prints, all of which are playful and perfect to grace the walls of your child’s room. The design full of different doodles would be fascinating for a child to explore and I love the elephant train!


This book belongs to…

Flora has also added her sweet style to a downloadble PDF of book plates that can be purchased for just over £3 and used endlessly! An adorable addition to your child’s favourite books:


Doodle doll

At 7″ high this love angel would look the part standing on a shelf watching over your little one as they slept. It comes with 2 bonus badges (that you could keep for yourself!)


Badges galore

And if you’re a fan of the badges there are lots of different designs to choose from. These wouldn’t be so good for little ones, but older children and yourself? Go buy!


Stamp happy

Again for older children, these stamps would make a fantastic introduction to craft. They’d make a gorgeous gift too, just add a pretty notepad and ink:


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So get yourself off to Happy Doodle Land and have a look around. I wish that was an actual place, I’d like living there!

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